Sunday, 7 February 2016

LadyLight's Quickies - 002

Finds of the Day

Hair - A&A Hair - Aislyn in Blue - L$1 SL Marketplace Promo
Eyes - Poetic Colors - Summer Sky Eyes in Beach Night Large - Timed Subscriber Gift
Dress - G Sloane - Valar Morghulis Halter Dress - Free Dove Mini Hunt

Pose can be found at Shop Free*Style, where there are a bunch of pose packs ranging from Free to L$50.

Hunt of Hunts Hunt 6 - Gift 002 and 146

The 6th Annual Hunt of Hunts Hunt is going on now at Dulce Secrets. This is a hunt not to be missed. With lots of items for women, and a few unisex and guy specific things as well, it is worth it to grab some friends and come on down. It isn't a very taxing hunt, the bottles to find are fairly large, and aren't hidden in a tricky fashion.

Hair - Alice Project - Poison II in Lovely Naturals - Free for Today Only!!! (L$50 Tomorrow)
Skin - Dulce Secrets - Hunt Gift 146 *comes with Slink Appliers only
Eyes - Dulce Secrets - Hunt Gift 002 *comes with mesh and system

Saturday, 6 February 2016

LadyLight's Quickies - 001

Just a new little feature, which will just be me showing quick finds of the day sort of thing. I will only be crediting those items in these posts.

Finds of the Day

Hair - Besom - Bellinia in Browns - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Eyes - Inkheart - Glass Eyes in Deep Passion/Medium - The Loving Kind Hunt
Dress - Legendaire - So Far Away Dress - SL Free & Offers Group Gift (Free to Join)
Necklace - GeWunjo - Lina Necklace w/Texture Change Hud - L$1 SL Marketplace Promo

Pose can be found at Shop Free*Style, where there are a bunch of pose packs ranging from Free to L$50.

Fur ya next girlfriend

"I know your number, I know your mother"

"I know where you work, I know when you're home"
"I know when you cry, you'll never get rid of me"

"You'll never get rid of me"

"When you'll be sleeping, I'll come by your bed"
"Scissors in my hand, I'll make my artwork"
"You'll be so ugly, you'll never get rid of me"

"You'll never get rid of me"
"You'll never get rid of me"
"You'll never get rid of me"

"For your next girlfriend I will work harder"
"I'll send some flowers from my private garden"

Promo: Fur ya next girlfriend

Friday, 5 February 2016

RUN! Limited Time Gifts!

  There is a new event where each month some designers (awesome designers!) put out Midnight Madness boards for ONE DAY ONLY.  The boards require 175-500 clicks, depending on the store.  Right now many of them are broken (sad!) so no one has entered them yet.  Check them out to make sure to get the items before they fill up because we all know it won't take long!  Some stores have just set the items out for free because of the broken boards so you can just grab those either way. Find the Information, slurls, and item previews HERE.
  If you see one of the designers at the store while you're there make sure to say thanks! :)  Oh and the MM board rules can be found HERE.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Poisoned Hunger

ZOMG I have my blogging files back! I am still waiting on most of my data(mostly store related stuff that doesn't impact you at all), but was able to get these. I feel at home again.

I'm also hella cute today.

Sn@tch is having a wee bit of a pre-valentines sale. The store is 50-70% off(not including new releases). There are also additional items, with special tags, that are even more of a discount. I grabbed these mesh capris for only L$50 for the fatpack, which are what inspired the whole outfit today.

Plastik is always in all the things, I swear. While not free, they have made these super cute purses and clutches. I am not one to normally wear this sort of thing, simply for the fact I normally tread more on the dark fantasy side of fashion, but I really enjoyed playing with mine today. I think the reason I have been enjoying the label so much over the past year, is because of the huds that come with most items. I am a colour whore, I like having ALL THE COLOURS. So being able to play with all the bits and bobs really tickles my fancy.


Hair 1 - The Stringer Mausoleum - Together Apart in Night
Hair 2 - The Stringer Mausoleum - Helmet Head in Night
Mesh Head* - Genesis Lab - Tara Head 2.0 in Cream - RARE Gacha Prize @ Mainstore
Makeup 1(Liner) - Genesis Lab - Cat Eyes Hud - Common Gacha Prize @ Mainstore
Makeup 2(Lip Slime) - Genesis Lab - Bloody Mouth Hud - Common Gacha Prize @ Mainstore
Hands - Slink - Gesture Pose
Nail Appliers - By Snow - Retro Ribbon Nails - L$0
Tattoo - White Widow - Christmas in Black
Top - Sugarbutton Botique - Notice Me Dress - L$1
Pants - Sn@tch - Vela Jean Capris in Red - L$50 (Hugely Discounted until Jan 24th)
Headdress - #187# - Roses & Spike Headband - Lucky Chair
Earrings - Pure Poison - Nathalie Earrings in Red Polka - Group Gift Gacha (Free to Join)
Collar - Sugarbutton Botique - Notice Me Collar - L$1
Necklace - Plastik - Arys Necklace in Gunmetal - *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby
Cuff - Deadpool - Hand Band(modded) *FULL PERM KIT* - L$0 (Limited Time Only)
Ring - Bijoux Rachel  - Claws Ring in Silver - L$0
Purse - Plastik - Severelle Purse in Sanguine - *NEW* @ N21

Backdrop - PURPLE POSES & mE. Jewelry - L$70 @ The Dressing Room

*Please Note - The mesh head comes with ears, lashes, eyes and various huds for hairbases, eyebrows, lips and so on, in the pack with the head. All body appliers are supplied for free instore.*

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Pale Frost

Alice Project is having a whole month of giveaways, for both the general public and the store group. Every day there will be a hairstyle to get for free, the general public one will have 2 colours huds, each with basic base colours, but one has special frosted stripes and the other has red or pink highlights. If you are in the group, or decide to join(not free), then there is an additional hud which is this silver or gold highlights.

It is like having a Winter, New Years and Valentines giveaway all in one.

This runs until Feb. 14th, if you can't join the group(fee applies), then be sure to click the subscriber to keep updated on this promotion.

While you are in the store, be sure to click the various midnight mania boards.


Hair - Alice Project - Elena w/Frosted Stripes Hud - Free Today Only (L$50 tomorrow)
Skin - [inaya] - Doroteia Skin in Tone 3 - L$1 SL Marketplace Promo
Eyes - Aphotic Gloom - Aquilius Eyes in Watermelon - L$1 Instore Deal
Lashes - AlaskaMetro - Classic Prim Lashes - L$5 SL Marketplace Promo
Dress - Maci - Crystalia Dress - WomenSTUFF Lounge Group Gift (Join Fee Applies)
Necklace - Chop Zuey - Love Rush Necklace in Silver - Free @ Mainstore

Pose can be found at Shop Free*Style, where there are a bunch of pose packs ranging from Free to L$50.