Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Gift Wrapped in Bows

I normally go out and find things on my own, or search the marketplace and look at notecards. Today, I ended up looking at some fellow blogger's posts, and happened on this wonderful group gift body suit from Maai. 

When you go to Maai to pick up your gift, please remember the gifts aren't actually in the vendor signs, you have to flick the words to receive your items.

Closeup of Nails and Ring.


Hair and Cape - MMC - Ruby Cape w/Hud - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Skin - Bold and Beauty - Jourdan Skin in Coffee Tone
Body - Slink - Physique Body
Eyes - The Stringer Mausoleum - Hollywood Eyes in Nettle - L$39 @ Color Me Project 50% off
Lashes - the Maiden's Room - Natural Mesh Eyelash - L$9 
Makeup 1(Liner) - Langly - Eyeliner 1 - Free SL Marketplace Gift
Makeup 2(Glitter) - Eyecandy - Glitter Highlight in Purple - Cosmetics Fair Group Gift (Free to Join)
Makeup 3(Eyeshadow) - Zibska - Alie Eyeshadow 09 - Cosmetics Fair Group Gift (Free to Join)
Makeup 4(Gloss) - Bonita - Glossy Lips - L$10 SL Marketplace Promo
Hands - Slink - Casual Pose
Nail Appliers - Weaponized Sugar - Bi Pride Nails - L$1 SL Marketplace Promo
Head Bow - Astralia - The Perfect Gift Headpiece w/Hud - Subscriber Gift 
Necklace - Luminesse - Sleeping Cherub Necklace in Silver - L$10 @ The Wash Cart Sale 
Nose Ring - BLD - Fancy Ball Nose Ring in Silver - L$10 @ The Wash Cart Sale
Rings - Plastik - Worshyp Rings w/Hud - SLB13 Gift @ The Fantasy Collective
Pose Prop can be found at this awesome free Photo Studio. Please be considerate of the sim's rating, don't do nude shoots.

Inspiring Hope and Love

2016 has not been a good year, to say the least. Unfortunately for me, it started last year when I lost my dad two months, to the day, before his 69th birthday. David’s music was helping me through that loss. Like so many others, his music had been the soundtrack of my life. Then we lost him five months later. The two men who inspired me the most were gone and 2016 continued like a snowball rolling down a very steep hill.
Now the talented and creative people that inhabit this Second Life of ours have filled two current events with inspiration, hope and love.

Midsummers Night Hunt

Most hunts  are about fashion these days. I remember doing  my first ever hunt it drove me mad,but it had a little bit of everything and I was so pleased when I completed it. So keeping the spirit of SL hunting going here are the items I collected from The Midsummers  Night Hunt. This is not a free hunt but the prizes are $L3.To find out what Mr Jonstone is wearing please go to my blog 
ClutterHome - Midsummer Night Tree Trunk

 TheMustard Seed ~ tms lysander & hermia's gazebo (comes with fountain not rock)  & !! FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK !! Magic Glowy Rock

 Sequel - Fairies Welcome Board

 UnitedInshCon *UI* Forest Stilt Hut 

*ZG* Woodland Bench
DreamscapeWedding Design Bloomin' Branches Frames

Hearth& Home ~H&H~ Bohemian Flower Garden Gazebo

[ParkPlace] Woodland Chair & =Mirage= Branch Out Table - Fantasy 3 

Travelling the Silk Road

Its coming to the end of the month and I have been a bit too busy to do any hunts in full. I have only a couple of things to show you from The Silk Road Vll hunt  which ends on the 30th June  Still plenty of  time to do it.

This dress is from Sparrow by Design and is called Chabi Court Dress. The prize is the mesh dress in 5 standard sizes but I am wearing my usual body (details on my blog)

These extremely well detailed shoes are from  MaxTextures Designs (MTD) are also on the hunt. They come in fittings for Slink male and female also classic avatar male and female. On a side note if you are a designer  doing a hunt for fun you can purchase the full perm version of these and make your own styles.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Hello and welcome to the Fantasy Collective celebrating *SLBD13* Picture show.  If like me you find going to the actual *SLBD13* a bit overwhelming! TFC have solved that issue, they brought the cake to you. Some of the Merchants have  joined in the celebration spirit and put out cake with Free gifts for us all.
Here is an outfit I put together from the gifts. I  hope you like it.....

Ears by [[RH]] Design House @ The Fantasy Collective [[RH]] Cat Ears -Zipped- 
Hair by Love @ The Fantasy Collective 2 - Red Apple 
Eyes by .: Soul :. Oculos – Amalthea 
Skin Appliers by Lumae :: Eirtae - T3 - Shell // Melusine Omega applier for [GA.EG] Mesh head & Maitreya Lara Body V3.5 
Mesh Head by [GA.EG] Kirsten Mesh Head & Maitreya body Caramel plain applier 
Necklace by [Tia] @ The Fantasy Collective Joia - Astapor Collar – Gold 
Mesh Body by Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.5 
Nails by FDD @ The Fantasy Collective FDD NAILS *Black French* Maitreya fitted GIFT 
Underwear by The Plastik!@The Fantasy Collective :[P]:- Verenze Set:// Bridal
Dress by [FAIDA] @ The Fantasy Collective Wasted 
Shoes by #EMPIRE - @ The Fantasy Collective Camellias - Maitreya *SLBD13*
Poses by . Roawenwood @ The Fantasy Collective {RW} Fallen Tree Hangout 
Windlight :- Fairy dark blue (Paulina) & FSOriginal

Monday, 27 June 2016

Little Demon

Sneaky little demon she is, causing chaos through the portals. Dancing with her small little spirits giggling in the abyss. Don't be fooled by this colorful creature it has eyes everywhere.

You have till the end of the month to get these lovely items from Glutz, the hunt costs 6L a piece, there is a hint board when you land at the entrance of the store. JapanDragon has several Kemono mods in the lucky board and it's on 10 min time. The group is free to join, it's a cute shop and look around the store affordable mods for everyone. My favorite one to date is the free mod I gotten from Halloween Last year that too is in the lucky board.

I love how designers are getting on board with the Lucky Boards and Midnight Mania boards again. I LOVE doing them and I sat at Olive to get this freakish hairstyle that I thought went pretty well with my kemono idea. So if you have some time wanting to waste or bored go hit these places up and get some cheap, but bangin' items.

Little Demon

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Happy Belated Birthday Seraphim - New Inworld Seraphim Hud

Seraphim just marked it's 5th Anniversary, yesterday, and with that, it is a dawn of a new era in Event Coverage. Seraphim has create an inworld hud, which brings the experience of the useful site that much closer to your finger tips.

So how will this little hud change your life? Well if you are into the event hopping, this is a good way to start. Seraphim does not cover everything that happens in sl, but it does cover a good number of it. You might learn about new events, or missed ones, with this hud, as it is much quicker to scroll a little list. I already found a few I forgot about, and I am on the Seraphim site often.

I am not going to go into every detail of this, there are all the informational pages linked above, it also comes with inworld instructions. There is even a video created to help you get on your way to using the hud, which you can find HERE and see Strawberry's Review and Video HERE.

What I will say is that I look forward to using some of the features of this hud. I am forever forgetting when events open, so having a super quick source for that, as a blogger, will be lovely. I like the idea of the favorites feature. The Auto Tper, while I do own one, will be handy, cause I always forget what the one I own is called. I will probably use it to check things I have missed, I miss a lot, as some weeks I have a lot going on with my own store.

Seraphim also had a big celebration, with all sorts of DJs and designers gifts. Some of the Designers are being generous, and have placed the gifts out at their mainstores. You can view the offerings HERE, keep in mind, I have no clue who is opting to put things out, so some things might not be available.


Hair - The Stringer Mausoleum - PonyGirl in Night(Tinted)
Mesh Head(Hairbase/Lashes/Eyes) -  Genesis Lab - Angie Head 2.0 Smile - Common Gacha Item
Makeup Applier 1(Eyeshadow) - Genesis Lab - Unstoppable Eyeshadow - SLB13 Gift @ Kustom9
Makeup Applier 2(Lipstick) - Genesis Lab - Incredible Lipstick - SLB13 Gift @ Kustom9
Mesh Body - Slink - Physique Body
Body Applier - Genesis Lab - Fluture Slink Appliers All Tones - Free
Mesh Hands - Slink - Casual Pose
Nail Applier - Hello Dave - Done the Rude Nails - Group Random Draw (Free to Join) *Limited
Tattoo Applier - Reckless - Voss Tattoo Fresh - Seraphim 5th Anniversary Gift
Top - Loordes of London - The Tuscany Triad I in #5 - L$10 @ The Wash Cart Sale
Skirt - Loordes of London - The Tuscany Triad II in #5 - L$10 @ The Wash Cart Sale
Purse - Plastik - Upcycle Bag in Golden - *NEW* @ Shiny Shabby
Piercings -  Eluzion - Cloe Piercings - L$10 @ The Wash Cart Sale
Earrings - Izzie's - Bow & Pearl Earrings w/Hud - Seraphim 5th Anniversary Gift
Necklace 1(Choker) - Violent Seduction - Flourish Open Choker - SLB13 Gift @ Kustom9
Nekclace 2(Long) - Plastik - Victorienne Chain Medium in Vintage
Rings - Plastik - Lost Souls Rings in Noir w/Hud

Pose Prop - Exposeur - Simple Shadow Box w/Poses - L$20 @ Store Closing Sale (Ends June 30th)

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Beat the Heat

All year winter sounds just wonderful to me today. Not looking forward to the heat this summer.

Livia has a new Midnight Madness Board with only a 35 person target. While these aren't those nails, these are the new June gift Group Gift, so pick these up while you slap the new board.


Hair - Tukinowaguma - Yuko w/Hud - SLB13 Gift @ We Love Roleplay
Skin - [Gauze] - Chronicle Skin - Quartz/Smokey
Eyes - InkHeart - Amal Eyes in Blue - SL Free and Offer Group Gift (Free to Join)
Sclera Shadows - Wee One's - Eye Shadows
Lashes - the Maiden's Room - Natural Mesh Eyelash - L$9 
Makeup 1(Gloss) - [B][S] - Glisten Lip Gloss - L$1
Makeup 2(Lipstick) - [B][S] - Drow Lips 02 - L$5
Hands - Slink - Casual Pose
Nail Appliers - Livia - Sparkle and Shine Nails - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Dress - R.icielli - Audra Dress w/Hud - L$15 Store Hunt Prize
Jewelry Set - Finesmith - White Cold Set - Group Gift (Free to Join)
Ring - Maxi Gossamer - Night Star Cross Ring in Silver w/Texture Change - L$50 @ Mainstore Sale
 Crown - [new.monday] - Crown of Ice - L$10 @ The Wash Cart Sale
Wand - Plastik - Glenne Wand w/Hud - RARE Gacha Item @ Mainstore
Pose Prop can be found at this awesome free Photo Studio. Please be considerate of the sim's rating, don't do nude shoots.
This post features an items from the wonderful collection of fantasy designers who are a part of the Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier group.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Epicene - A Week Left

Epicene is a relatively new event, that geared towards High Fashion/Couture/Runway Styles, which also caters to both Males and Females. Every designer has exclusive items, and you can sometimes find deals and gachas here as well.
The event has not been picked up on Seraphim yet, so we are going to help them get a bit of a following, and cover it on Free*Style.

This is the last round before the summer, there will be a bit of a break, and you should see the event pop back up in September.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Robot Study Hall

I'm proud to let me geek flag fly high, so of course I popped right over to Geektopia 1.0 as fast as I could.